Writer's Block: Lassie, come home!

Have you ever had a pet that ran away? Did you eventually find her or him? If not, how long did it take you to recover?
I did indeed... my little black cat Neutron used to love to go out onto the back porch while I supervised. Once she walked out while I took the garbage out and I didn't realize she'd gone out. She was good at hiding, so it wasn't until the next evening that I was certain she wasn't in the house!

I called the local vets, the animal control people and the shelters in the area and gave them all descriptions of my little hare-lipped wonder. I made posters and put them up all over the neighborhood. My roommate and I walked all over our little town, calling her name. "Neuuut! Neeeeuuuuut!" I must have seemed pretty strange, but I really wanted her back.

It's a fact that most cats don't go any farther than one or two houses away from where they are lost. Three days after she went missing, we went out to look for her one more time. (It was February and that night was going to be very cold; I was desperate.) My roommate happened to look under the next-door neighbor's porch, which was under constant repair, and saw something move. Hooray for my sharp-eyed friend!

Sure enough, it was Neutron. She was so terrified she hid between the joists under the porch. I talked to her, then reached way in and barely touched her chin and started to skritch her. She leaned a tiny bit closer; I managed to wrap my fingers around her front leg and ease her out of there.

After three days outside, this tiny cat was noticeably lighter, filthy and EWWW her breath was foul! But she burrowed into my arms and we went back home, most triumphant. A bath and a good meal, she was well on her way back to her happy 6-pound self.

That happened when she was nine years old. Neutron lived to be eighteen before she died of kidney failure. After her adventure, she never went outside again; she never wanted to!

(Who would have thought a Writer's Block question would actually get me writing again?)
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Today we took my cat Kiri to the vet and gave him freedom from his arthritis, his asthma, his diabetes, his kidney disease, his thirst and pain. It was not easy but it was the right decision for all of us. We did everything we could for him, but it was time. He couldn't even sleep comfortably anymore. The last few says, he just enjoyed being curled up in a warm lap and having his nightly shrimp treat... and then he stopped eating the shrimp.

Kiri was the most amazing eater, so when he didn't eat, I knew the time was on us. In case a miracle might be at hand, I made an appointment. This morning we all got into the car and took Kiri to the vet. He sat on my lap the whole way, looking out the window and commenting that trees shouldn't go that fast until he got tired and tucked his head in the crook of my arm. At the veterinarian's office, we held him 'till our vet came in and then he sat up on the exam table and was calm as you please.

But the only miracle at hand was that we could free him from his pain. His kidneys, which heretofore had been working fine, were shutting down fast. With all his other problems, there were solutions. Not for this. Thank goodness we were where we were when we heard the news... I couldn't stand the thought of going to anyone else for this last mercy. Kiri came to the end of his days in the care of the very people who have supported him and loved him most of his life. His passing was gentle, the gentlest I've ever seen, and watching the pain leave him was a true blessing.

The most touching thing was that everyone in the vet's office today knew Kiri and cared about him and cried with us when he was gone.

Thank you, Dr. Ruth, for being the best vet ever. Your wonderful care gave Kiri more years than we ever thought he'd have, and gave me the gift of no regrets, once again. When it's your turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge many, many years from now, he's going to run up to you and purr and rub against your ankles *so hard!*

You'd better have some shrimp. ;)

Birthday report

Short and sweet -- today was so good I was describing it in lolcatisms. All the food was NOM NOM NOM (Although Rissi chased me out when I was doin it wrong and walked in the kitchen to see my caek too soon -- and I was like no it are my birthday!) and I received wonderful gifts and got to see so many friends -- the advantage of having an SF con on your birthday weekend!

All in all at the end of the day I can say I am this happy.


Kiri update -- 'It Just Keeps Getting Better' edition

We visited Kiri today. At the hospital, we waited in the busy front room for awhile and then Rissi and I were guided to one of the exam rooms. We figured we'd wait there, talk with Dr. Simmons, the attending veterinarian, and then see Kiri for a bit in his cage.

After a minute, though, one of the techs walked in, carrying Kiri -- who was awake, alert, and looking around. She put him in my arms and helped remove his Elizabethan Collar (a.k.a. Cone of Shame). And he looked at me and mewsrissicat, and started up the most amazing purr, and settled into my arms and put a paw right on my breast.

Oh yeah, that's our boy.

Rissi and I held and petted and skritched and talked to him for quite awhile, and he purred and purred. (I'm not so good at purring so I cried for joy.) When either of us moved out of his range of vision he looked for us. He's still quite weak and not able to stand fully but WOW Kiri's back! He's really still in there! Finally he started falling asleep, and his purr puttered out into his usual wheezy snore. We walked him back into the hospital area and put the e-collar back on. He roused a bit, looked exasperated, and then settled back to sleep.

And the vets think he'll be okay to come home tomorrow. there will stil be work to do, physiotherapy and keeping him clean, but... Kiri! Home! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thank you to each and every one of you who took a moment to send encouragement, good thoughts, good vibes, prayers or just hope that he gets better. You all made a difference, to him and to us.
comfort kitten

Crossing my fingers and hugging the other two cats....

In order to be able to get to sleep, I called the vets' just now. (Yay for 24-hour hospitals!) Alicia, the veterinarian attending Kiri, told me he went through his regular treatment (bloodwork, cleaning, turning, being petted) without having a seizure for the first time since this started. He did rouse enough to raise his head and look around dopily for a minute or two before settling down, but no seizure for 8 hours now. I am hopeful!

Also these people are all sweet and caring (even while exhausted in some cases). The hospital may be pricey but they really do give you your money's worth. Kiri is not only well cared for, he's well cared about.

That matters, big time.

Icky Intarwebs

For some reason, the Mews' home internet connection has decided to go wonky, getting progressively spottier until the packet loss is enough to keep us from getting online at all sporadically -- and IM is right out.

After much cussin' and testing and talking with Comcast reps last night, we have a service call in for tomorrow morning. Somewhere between the modem and the provider, that cable is going bad.

I hope they can pinpoint the place where the trouble is and get it fixed fast. I wanna be online!

At this point I'm tempted to wax philosophical about my relatively recent dependency on the internet. As it is -- I gotta get back to work. See you all Friday, I hope! (why yes I will be back to my usual lurking, eh heh)

The One That Got Away

When twigcollins posted about the French gaming magazine IG's "Cooking Mama" cover, with all the game heroines cooking, I laughed. The day before, soranokumo showed me a flicker account with the individual art for each heroine. Adorable (even if it is a bit... stereotyped...)!

However, I noticed there was one character missing. I mean, a very well-known game heroine. Not that this character fits perfectly in this category but it's still a terrible oversight to leave this one out!

Thus, in the spirit of inclusivity, I present Collapse )

Point all nailbrickbats in my direction -- I gleefully deserve 'em! ♥

EDIT: I've lost my images via a one-two punch. I can't remember the order in which hte blows fell, but my old computer died, refusing to boot. Also, when ouri/elfowlsnest/mewschangeling left the household, the site that held my artwork was closed and all the files, art and icons, deleted. Whoops... Oh well. I hope I can recover the old stuff from my dead computer, but in the meantime I guess I'll have to do more artwork! :D

Tears of joy....

We just watched Vel and Chas get married... it was wonderful, from the lovely weather, to the sounds of the wildlife, to the awesome minister, to the utterly *beautiful* bride and handsome groom.

Vel and Chas both sounded so overwhelmingly happy! We cried like... like friends and family together....

Bless you both.

Aw, heck, I'll say it: Live long and prosper. ♥ ♥ ♥

(Oh my GOSH Vel's married!)


Thank you thank you thank you for the webcast. I haven't been so happy and so excited to be at a wedding since my little sister was married. ♥
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A mish-mash of stuff!

Two days ago at work, I found that B.L.'s wife fell and broke her arm. Now B.L. is one of my favorites of the people I support, and his wife is an active gardener and interior decorator. I decided that I wanted to send a get-well card to her. But all the cards in the area just weren't right, so I decided to make my own.

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It was worth it! ♥ :) ♥

I realized yesterday that I was late on my giveaway from last year's post. Renda, Brandy, Ice... I have goodies for you. I'll send them out as I get 'em together.

Note to Doctor's receptionist: When you're rescheduling a missed appointment, telling the patient, "He's going to want to go over the results with you" (or any variation thereof) is NOT reassuring. Gah.

(Note to self: Don't be such a pessimist. Different personal communications styles mean that she could have been saying "he wants the HMO money for the visit and he won't get it if you don't come in", for all you know. Eh heh. ^^;;)