mewsgryphoncat (mewsgryphoncat) wrote,

Here There Be Spoilers!

...But not the usual kind. I've decided to post some of the last lines of the shaggy-dog (clean and dirty) jokes that I have loved for years, just for the heck of it. Then I'll ask anyone who reads this to add any that I'm haven't put here.

"...Let your pages do the walking through the yellow fingers."
"...'I wouldn't leave a knight out on a dog like this.'"
"...'AH ha ha haaa! I told ya! I told ya you boinked a penguin!'"
"...'You'd cry too, if you were driving two obese Pattys, Chesser Ross, Lester cheatin' picking bunions all on a Sesame Street bus.'"
"...'and then I showed him.'"
"...People who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones."

And my all-time favorite:
"...'Awright, where's that fat chick with the bad tooth?!?'"

...I should know more than that. A LOT more than that. Somebody help me here?
Tags: bad jokes, punchlines

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