July 12th, 2009


The One That Got Away

When twigcollins posted about the French gaming magazine IG's "Cooking Mama" cover, with all the game heroines cooking, I laughed. The day before, soranokumo showed me a flicker account with the individual art for each heroine. Adorable (even if it is a bit... stereotyped...)!

However, I noticed there was one character missing. I mean, a very well-known game heroine. Not that this character fits perfectly in this category but it's still a terrible oversight to leave this one out!

Thus, in the spirit of inclusivity, I present Collapse )

Point all nailbrickbats in my direction -- I gleefully deserve 'em! ♥

EDIT: I've lost my images via a one-two punch. I can't remember the order in which hte blows fell, but my old computer died, refusing to boot. Also, when ouri/elfowlsnest/mewschangeling left the household, the site that held my artwork was closed and all the files, art and icons, deleted. Whoops... Oh well. I hope I can recover the old stuff from my dead computer, but in the meantime I guess I'll have to do more artwork! :D