May 22nd, 2010

comfort kitten

Crossing my fingers and hugging the other two cats....

In order to be able to get to sleep, I called the vets' just now. (Yay for 24-hour hospitals!) Alicia, the veterinarian attending Kiri, told me he went through his regular treatment (bloodwork, cleaning, turning, being petted) without having a seizure for the first time since this started. He did rouse enough to raise his head and look around dopily for a minute or two before settling down, but no seizure for 8 hours now. I am hopeful!

Also these people are all sweet and caring (even while exhausted in some cases). The hospital may be pricey but they really do give you your money's worth. Kiri is not only well cared for, he's well cared about.

That matters, big time.