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Because it is today....

The Lunychu is a mysterious Pokemon whose powers have never quite been ascertained. While it is relatively easy to capture this Pokemon with a simple trail of art, chocolate, and writing leading to a good, home-cooked meal, the Lunychu has a tendency to wander off on its own. This Pokemon resents being used for other's battles, but will willingly come to the fore if its friend (never owner) is in difficulty. Some of its devastating attacks are: the Snide Commentary (running in the background, these attacks give a -5 to act for all opponents and a +3 to Morale for all team members) and the Zing (immobilizes opponent for 1 round, -7 per attack for the next two rounds; has a 25% chance of immobilizing team members due to high amusement). The Lunychu has several important support abilities including Responsibility, Cheer, and Gather Friends.

I choose you, Lunychu! ♥ ♥ ♥

(Happy Birthday, eramundo!)
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