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Equal Rights Rally an'at...

We (that is, myself, mewsrissicat and elfowls_nest) went to the Equal Rights rally today. Our rally was in a suburb of our great City of Yinzers, where all the colleges are. There were lots and lots of people milling around, and it took awhile for things to get started. An LGBT & friends "Renaissance choir" sang a stirring song, and then some one told the crowd that we'd be walking soon and if anyone wanted to say something they were welcome.

Well, I thought, yinz asked for it....

So I walked over with Rissi's hand in mine and stood up in the cleared area and said: "Twenty-seven years is a long time for an engagement. When can we get married?" ... and a few other remarks that I just can't remember. There was some nice applause. Apparently there were cameras, too.

The local news station, WTAE, might have us on the 7 pm news today.

Our VCR just stopped working as we were trying to set it up to record the news! D'oht!

It was a fun afternoon anyway. About 450 marchers, lots of beeping and support and no detractors. Pittsburgh's a great city. ♥

Edit: ....WE were on the news! It was only a few-second shot, but it showed Rissie cuddling up to me after I had spoken to the crowd. (And I WISH I HAD THAT SHOT she looks SO cute!)

If puts up the video to that segment I'll link to it in another edit here. If they don't... I may cry. ;____;
Tags: equal rights, local news, no on prop 8

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