mewsgryphoncat (mewsgryphoncat) wrote,

Icky Intarwebs

For some reason, the Mews' home internet connection has decided to go wonky, getting progressively spottier until the packet loss is enough to keep us from getting online at all sporadically -- and IM is right out.

After much cussin' and testing and talking with Comcast reps last night, we have a service call in for tomorrow morning. Somewhere between the modem and the provider, that cable is going bad.

I hope they can pinpoint the place where the trouble is and get it fixed fast. I wanna be online!

At this point I'm tempted to wax philosophical about my relatively recent dependency on the internet. As it is -- I gotta get back to work. See you all Friday, I hope! (why yes I will be back to my usual lurking, eh heh)
Tags: intarweb trouble

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