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Today we took my cat Kiri to the vet and gave him freedom from his arthritis, his asthma, his diabetes, his kidney disease, his thirst and pain. It was not easy but it was the right decision for all of us. We did everything we could for him, but it was time. He couldn't even sleep comfortably anymore. The last few says, he just enjoyed being curled up in a warm lap and having his nightly shrimp treat... and then he stopped eating the shrimp.

Kiri was the most amazing eater, so when he didn't eat, I knew the time was on us. In case a miracle might be at hand, I made an appointment. This morning we all got into the car and took Kiri to the vet. He sat on my lap the whole way, looking out the window and commenting that trees shouldn't go that fast until he got tired and tucked his head in the crook of my arm. At the veterinarian's office, we held him 'till our vet came in and then he sat up on the exam table and was calm as you please.

But the only miracle at hand was that we could free him from his pain. His kidneys, which heretofore had been working fine, were shutting down fast. With all his other problems, there were solutions. Not for this. Thank goodness we were where we were when we heard the news... I couldn't stand the thought of going to anyone else for this last mercy. Kiri came to the end of his days in the care of the very people who have supported him and loved him most of his life. His passing was gentle, the gentlest I've ever seen, and watching the pain leave him was a true blessing.

The most touching thing was that everyone in the vet's office today knew Kiri and cared about him and cried with us when he was gone.

Thank you, Dr. Ruth, for being the best vet ever. Your wonderful care gave Kiri more years than we ever thought he'd have, and gave me the gift of no regrets, once again. When it's your turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge many, many years from now, he's going to run up to you and purr and rub against your ankles *so hard!*

You'd better have some shrimp. ;)
Tags: gifts, kitty news, rainbow bridge, sad

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