mewsgryphoncat (mewsgryphoncat) wrote,

All Hallow's Day

It seems that all that is Hallow is leftover candy. You could have put a kindergarten class on a full sugar buzz with the stuff that landed in the kitchen at work.

Yep. At work. I'm back already, after only a month recuperating at home. Heck, I still think I took too long, considering they booted me out of the hospital after only 2 days! I spent a week merging with the couch, then moved to the front of the computer and watched the world go by as if the monitor was a window. Weeeeiiird. After a couple more weeks, I was bored enough to start finding out *when* I could go back to work -- which happened to be Monday. Woo.

As you might guess, the tumor was removed successfully. It's really weird -- the image on the day-after MRI shows almost no trace of the darn thing ever having been there! My brain just squished right back into shape. Whee.

My personal challenge for the month of November is to post every single day. It may not necessarily be *here*, but I'll try to hit this journal every day, too.

Wish me luck -- and all of you who are Nano-ing, good luck to you too!
Tags: challenge, tumor

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